How to master the Werewolf game – Kukoro: Stream chat games

This is a guide to masterize the Werewolf game from Kukoro: Stream chat games. Follow all the tips if you want to become the best player and know all the secrets of this minigame. BASIC GUIDE: One or more werewolves have infiltrated among the villagers and you must uncover them before they devour the populace by subjecting them to a popular trial. TIP: Keep in mind […]

Kukoro news

Creator’s code Through the creator system, you can now highlight your favorite creator: the one you play with the most or the one who encouraged you to buy the game. You can tell us about your referral pressing “Creator’s code” button in the Log in menu. Please, note that you will only be able to enter one name and this cannot be changed in the […]

Kukoro – Extra commands

1. General commands Kukoro: Stream chat games has some exclusive commands that can be useful depending on the occasion. Keep in mind that the game only detects commands on the playing-screen, so avoid typing them in the main menu or during the pause. Here is a list of those commands: !dropegg: If you write this in the chat while moving with an egg, you will drop […]