Kukoro news

D&R CHALLENGE! (Reward: Custom skin) Get a custom unique skin for you and all your referrals. You can get a unique skin for you and all your referrals if you are the first to complete this challenge. What do you need to do? Be the first to reach 8th room in Dungeons & Rhythms, a short rhythmic android game developed by HeyNau in January 2020. […]

Mega Quiz Gaming – Twitch & Tiktok LIVE chat game

Do you know a lot about gaming? Can you recognice the weapons and bosses from all video games? Mega Quiz Gaming is the best quiz game about games. And it’s free! Complete all the Guess the logo style quiz about the most trending games. Guess them by their enemies, epic weapons or emote hieroglyphs. Get it FOR FREE on Steam & Google Play 👤 Play alone […]

Kukoro – Extra commands

1. General commands Kukoro: Stream chat games has some exclusive commands that can be useful depending on the occasion. Keep in mind that the game only detects commands on the playing-screen, so avoid typing them in the main menu or during the pause. Here is a list of those commands: !emote: Write !emote + a Twitch emote you want to display. You can also display animated […]

Kukoro – Credits

Kukoro: Stream chat games is an Twitch chat interactive game developed by HeyNau, a one-man studio. Even so, some people have collaborated in its development:  Game development: Nau (HeyNauGames.com) Background art: LPC tileset atlas (OpenGameArt.org) modified by HeyNau. Music: Charditronic (Kamotachi.com) SEO: David Cuesta (DavidCuesta.es) Support: kukoro@heynaugames.com