Cubeasts: The Slide Game – How to play

Este juego está desarrollado por HeyNau, con un  <DIARIO DE DESARROLLO DISPONIBLE EN YOUTUBE> y una cuenta de Twitter solo sobre desarrollo de videojuegos  <MI CUENTA DE TWITTER DE DESARROLLADOR>, donde posteo avances y novedades sobre la publicación del juego en su versión Single player y Twitch mode.

Esta web está en inglés para que cualquier persona, de cualquier comunidad pueda entenderlo, pero los nombres de los personajes también son detectados en español, por ejemplo: “!spawn caballo



Reach the goal or help someone to reach it. This game has a perma-death so take care picking your characters!




Hardcore more includes the same mechanics as the normal mode, but only normal characters played by the streamer can complete the level. Viewers must help him to reach the goal.

This game has a perma-death so take care picking your characters!




You can add new players clicking “Twitch” option on the bottom screen frames. Player 1 must be the streamer.


This commands can be found clicking at theplayer slots at the bottom of the game screen.

Remove ► Empty the slot, killing the character if it’s there.

Kill ► Kill the spawned character, keeping the player who controls it on this slot.


Twitch/Any viewer ► Open this slot to any viewer from your Twitch livestream.

Twitch/Only subs ► Open this slot to any subscriber from your Twitch livestream.

Twitch/Lock viewer ► Lock this slot so no one can join on it and the viewer will keep his places even after die or completing a level.

Twitch/Kick viewer ► Kick this viewer without killing the character so anyone else can play in his place.




!info ► Get a link to this website in case you need to check out the controls or character names.

!join + character ► Join into the game if there is any slot available for you. If this character is not available, you wont spawn.

!join + type ► Join into the game with a random character of this type. If there are no characters left, you wont spawn.

!w !a !s !d ► Move your character in that direction (from streamer camera POV, mind the stream delay).

!leave ► Have to go? Free your slot to another viewer so he can pick up your character.

-Your message ► Any player who writes a line before his message will post it on the game screen.


Pick up an abandoned slot ► To join into the game in a free slot where a character has already spawned, write !join + anything.




► NORMAL TYPE (9) – The only ones who can reach the goal in hardcore mode.

Chick, Clown, Pumpkin, Pig, Burger, Momba, Horse, Donkey, Manekineko.


► ACTUATIC TYPE (14) – Move through water, getting in and out whenever they want.

Octopus, Tortoise, Oyster, Duck, Pufferfish, Penguin, Frog, Jellyfish, Hippo, Squid, Beaver, Crocodile, Hermit, Stingray.


► CLIMBER TYPE (9) – Climb on top of other players only if your weight is lower than their.

Spider, Frog, Cat, Koala, Rabbit, Cobra, Snail, Goat, Squirrel.


► FLYING TYPE (4) – Fly during 2 tiles before falling.

Duck, Owl, Bee, Pegasus.


► STRONG TYPE (8) – Push and break special blocks. If you impact against non-resistant characters, you will smash them.

Viking, Bull, Cow, Elephant, Hippo, Goat, Panda, Bear.


► RESISTANT TYPE (15) – Resistant to spikes and rock collapses.

Tower, Bull, Skull, Robot, Templar, Oyster, Elephant, Dice, Hermit, Rubik, Viking, Tortoise, Hippo, Snail, Knight.