How to master Dungeon raid game – Kukoro: Stream chat games

This is a guide to masterize the Dungeon raid Game from Kukoro: Stream chat games. Follow all the tips if you want to become the best player and know all the secrets of this minigame.


The Streamer will assume the role of strategist: choose the best spectators to fight in the dungeon against the different enemies, making the most of their levels and special abilities.


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  • !Jump: Jump so that the Streamer can see you more easily to indicate that you want to fight.
  • !Vote (+ name): The whole chat can vote. The player with the most votes will start jumping.
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  • !Hide: Shrink yourself so that the Streamer understands that you don’t want to fight.
  • !Stop: Stop jumping or hiding.
  • !GetInfo: Get your stats and abilities via chat.

    You can ask for another player’s information by adding his name after the command: !getinfo heynau. Only the Streamer and players who are still alive can use this command.

NOTE* Players who are AFK for 3 minutes will automatically show their skills on screen when they are selected to fight.


Players have various statistics assigned to them at the start of each game:

  • Level: All players start from level 10. Each time you survive a raid of your level or higher you will increase one level until you reach the maximum level.
    • Free: Lv. 15
    • Kukoro: Lv. 20 (Kukoro owners)

NOTE* No one will level up if the game has been started with bots, in order to avoid undue farming.

  • Defense: Your initial defense protects 15% of the damage received, but this statistic can be modified with skills. Defense does not apply to critical hits.
  • Prob. of critical hit: Random between 1% and 20%.
    • Free: 1-20%
    • Kukoro: 11-20% (Kukoro owners)
  • Agility: Players have a 10% chance of dodging, but this statistic can be modified with skills. This value also indicates who will attack first.
  • Perks: All players will have two abilities, effective against different types of enemies.


  • Max. health: It will depend on your level according to this formula:
    • Max. health = Base health + (Base health * Level * 0.05)
  • Base damage: The base damage (10 p. or 12p. if you bought Kukoro) and the level are in charge of calculating the player’s final damage with the following formula:
    • Attack = 1.5 * (Base damage + Level) * Perk bonus * Random (75% – 100%)
  • Rival defense: The opponent will have a base defense from 0% to 30% damage reduction.
    • Final damage = Attack * (100 – Rival defense)
  • Crit. damage multiplier: When you deliver a critical hit, your damage will be multiplied by 150%.
  • Regeneration: Players will regenerate 0.5% health per tick* while waiting for fight again.
    *Tick: Each time a player or enemy hits.
  • Attack bonus: Players have +10% attack bonus for each ability, positive or negative, that matches the type of enemy they face.

SAVING YOUR LEVEL (Kukoro: Game owners)

Players who have purchased Kukoro: Stream chat games, in addition to being able to level up to level 20, they will save their progress in the cloud. This way, when playing on different Twitch channels, they will keep their level.

Players without the game, will have their level limited to 15, and will have to upload with each streamer independently, as there is no consent to save their data.


Playing as a spectator, subscriber or owning the game will mark how good your abilities can be:

  • Viewer: 1 good and 1 bad ability. 15% chance of being against the same enemy.
  • Subscriber: 1 good and 1 random ability. 15% chance of being against the same enemy.
  • Kukoro: 2 good abilities. 30% chance of being against the same enemy.
  • Subscriber + Kukoro: 2 good abilities. 100% chance of being against the same enemy.

In addition, purchasing the game will make your critical prob. always over 11% and your base damage increased by 2p.


This game has an automatic balancing system. The amount of enemies and their levels will be based on the players and levels of your team.

If 5 players enter your game, you will face 5 enemies.

Enemy levels will always be a replica of your team’s levels, increased or lowered to meet the dungeon difficulty.

If you have a level 11, 12 and 13 in your team, the enemies will be 11, 12 and 13, adding +1 level according to the dungeon difficulty you are in.

There are only 4 different enemy types per game.


In each game there is a final boss. In case there are 8 or more players, an intermediate boss will also appear. These bosses only differ in that their base health is increased to 150% and 200%.

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NOTE* The enemy prior to a boss will never be of the same type as the boss in question.


As a Streamer, you can use the bestiary to study your enemies. This notebook will help you make better decisions, such as knowing that slimes can’t make criticals and spider’s attack depend on their critics.

  • Practical example: A player who cancels critical damage to spiders could defeat several spiders without any problem. On the other hand, canceling critical hits to slimes is useless.
  • Base health (100hp – 200hp)
  • Base damage (5p. – 15p.)
  • Defense (Percentage of ignored damage)
  • Crit. (Critical hit ratio)
  • Agility (Dodge ratio and determines who attacks first)

Currently, there are a total of 55 enemies you can unlock their information after defeating them.


When you complete a raid, your dungeon will increase in level and difficulty, causing all enemies to appear with an extra level. If you lose the game, your dungeon will level down.

Every 5 levels, the dungeon will change scenery, allowing unique enemies to appear.


When you reach the last dungeon (Lv. 25+) you will face the last streamer champion along with his spectators.

If you manage to defeat the streamer, your avatar will appear as the new champion in front of future players.

As long as you are the champion, common enemies will appear when you play the final dungeon, confirming that no one has taken your place. If someone manages to defeat you, they will appear in front of you again.

Even so, after dungeon 25, you will be able to continue advancing in more difficult levels to achieve the record of the most pro community in Kukoro.