How to master Perfect Warrior – Kukoro: Stream chat games

This is a guide to masterize the minigame Perfect Warrior from Kukoro: Stream chat games. Follow all the tips if you want to become the best player and know all the secrets of this minigame.


In this minigame you must to find out your secret combination of letters to empower your stats to max. Every letter represents a numeric value, different for every player.
If you set your attack to A, it will correspond a number from 0% to 100%. Maybe A is 25% for you, and other player will have F as max value.

Your letter combination will be the same for any stream, but every month the letters will be shuffled.

If you use !heal or change any stat, the effects will be applied before the next battle.

TIP: Your combinations depends on your name, it means that you will have the same combination at any stream you play.


Change your stats (!stats ADSH):
You can change all your stats at time with this command.
Letters will apply in this order: Attack, Defense, Speed, Health.

Critical probability (Random):
You will have a chance that your hit becomes critical. It will multiply normal damage x1.5 and will be shown as a red number pop up.

Dodge probability (Random):
You have a chance to avoid the next attack. Your dodging will be slightly more often the less health you have.


– Change all stats to the same letter at time with !stats AAAA. If any of them doesnt convince you, increase the letter to the next one and fight again. (!stats AABA)
Mind that all your opponents will have different stats. If you want to calibrate them perfectly, try to fight the same enemy (with the same stats) a lot of times.

– Healing and stats change during a combat will be applied after the fight, so if you have lag issues, type !heal in the chat when the previous duel is going to start to be applied when the duel just ends.

– Changing your stats in the arena will also heal you after the current duel.

– To avoid Twitch anti-spam bot, you can write !heal (+ any letter) to make it a different message.

– Everytime you spawn you will start with random stats, so make sure to type your combination meanwhile you are in the queue.


– Are the stats sorted in a progressive order?
It’s not. Values are ordered randomly for every stat and player. Here is an example: !at A = 100% / !at B = 5% / !at C = 95%

– Using the !heal command is so annoying, why don’t you remove it?
This command is designed to avoid that afk can abuse to other players. If you want to keep your crown as dungeon boss, you may stay alert.

– Is my character stronger when I get bigger?
This feature doesnt have any real effect, it’s only visual to reward to the strongest players and encourages the new contenders to beat the arena leader.

– Why is this queue only for 17 players?
As this game may have a long queue, our intention is to avoid afk people. So if you want to join you must stay tuned to !Kukoro when the queue moves forward.

– Is this an endless game?
Indeed. It’s designed to chat with the audience meanwhile they fight or to entertain the viewers in case the streamer must go afk for a while. You can also can stream the game 24h and go to sleep without worrying about people getting bored.

– What about lag people? I have so many delay.
All games are designed so the delay has as little effect as possible. In this game, if you write !heal after starting a fight, it will be applied before starting the next duel. That means you have more than 10 seconds to write it down.