How to master Quarantine Game – Kukoro: Stream chat games

This is a guide to masterize the Quarantine Game from Kukoro: Stream chat games. Follow all the tips if you want to become the best player and know all the secrets of this minigame.


In this mini-game you will have to cooperate (and even sacrifice yourselves) for humanity to overcome the pandemic. Every night you must take shelter in a different room, being very careful that the virus does not spread between players.

You can exit to the central square using the !0 command.

TIP: Keep in mind that even if during the first two days you don’t show symptoms, you can still infect other players.


Infection stage (Day 0):
There are several ways to get the virus. You can be patient zero, sleep out at night or sleep with others who are infected even if they don’t show symptoms.

Incubation stage (Day 1-2):
This is the most dangerous and crucial stage of the virus.

When you get infected by sleeping outside or with other infected players, your character won’t show any symptoms for two days but it will still be contagious. If you still sleep with someone else, that person can get sick too.

Symptomatic stage (Day 3-4):
On the third day your character will turn a bright green. This means that everyone who has slept with you the previous two nights has probably been infected by you.

If you sleep in an empty room or with healthy people at this stage, you may be cured.

Death stage (Day 5):
When the fifth day comes, you will die.

From here on you can only wait for the rest of the village to survive.


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Sleep at plaza80%70%
Room with 1 virus carrier80%70%
Room with 2+ virus carriers100%95%
Healing in a sterile room15%15%
The virus is not always contagious, here you have more details about its infection rate.


– Avoid changing rooms every night and always stay with the same partners. This will prevent the virus from spreading to players in other rooms.

– If you see that someone you slept with on one of the previous two nights has turned green, it means you are probably infected. If so the best thing you can do is sleep outside to avoid infecting others and leave a room for those who need it to heal. When the virus shows symptoms in your avatar, try to get your own room to recover.

– If you are absolutely sure that you are healthy but you have to leave the room to a sick person to recover, you can share it. He has a 15% chance of being cured, and if he does, you will know that there has been no contagion. Sleeping outside would make you more likely to get sick.


– I just got cured, does that mean I have immunity?
Even if you get cured, this virus does not generate antibodies, so you could get sick again at night.

– My character doesn’t move. Why he doesn’t listen to me?
Please note that the rooms have a capacity limit. If you try to go to a room that is full, your character will not do anything.

– Why are the rooms closed?
The rooms are closed depending on the number of players. In this way, the game is a little more chaotic and fun and so the altruistic part of each one comes into play. There’s no logic behind which rooms have been closed.

– When does the game end? No one is green anymore.
This game ends when the virus has been eradicated. If you are all normal color, it means that there is still someone who is infected, incubating the virus, that can still infect others.

– Why have I gotten sick if I haven’t been with anyone who is infected?
Keep in mind that it takes two days for the virus to show symptoms. You may have been with someone who was sick exactly two days ago. It could also be the case that you are patient zero.