How to master the Werewolf game – Kukoro: Stream chat games

This is a guide to masterize the Werewolf game from Kukoro: Stream chat games. Follow all the tips if you want to become the best player and know all the secrets of this minigame.


One or more werewolves have infiltrated among the villagers and you must uncover them before they devour the populace by subjecting them to a popular trial.

TIP: Keep in mind that only players who have the game know if they are wolves or not. It is not a necessary factor to play or win, but it makes the experience more fun.


!Village / !Crypt:
Both the village and the crypt are the safest places. For every werewolf in these areas, there will be one victim. If you return to the plaza after dawn and find someone missing, it is likely that one or more werewolves have spent the night in your area.

!Forest / !Plaza:
The forest and the square are considered the same place. Here villagers will be able to hide from werewolves easily, but sleeping in the open will leave them exposed to attacks by wild wolves.

In these places, one third of the exposed players will die… as long as they are not werewolves.

This system is designed as an anti-AFK measure: A quick way to reduce the amount of players who are not paying attention to the stream, so avoid staying there overnight.


After nightfall, a cinematic will be played representing the most relevant event of that night. In case of multiple murders, only the most relevant event will be reported. At dawn, the mayor will also report that event.

Werewolf attack:
A werewolf (or more) has attacked the person whose silhouette appears on the screen. Knowing who the silhouette belongs to can help you locate the location of the attack more quickly and thus react in time to control who is returning from that area.

Wild wolves assault:
If there has been no attack by werewolves but there were deaths in the forest or plaza by local wildlife, an animation of a pack of wild wolves jumping on one of the players will appear.

Quiet night:
It may be the case that no werewolf spends the night next to a villager and also no one has been assaulted in the forest. In such cases, no one will die during the night.


All the chat, including non-players and dead people, will be able to participate in these votes, although it will only increase the guilt multiplier in case the voter is still alive. This guilt multiplier will influence in such a way that future votes received by these people will have more weight in the final decision.

After each sunrise a vote will be initiated in search of the possible infiltrated wolf. The streamer will be able to highlight his accused by clicking on him and immediately apply his vote on that person.

When a person is accused, they will have to go on stage to explain themself through the chat and convince the rest of the audience with their alibi. If the accused dies innocent, a guilt counter will increase in all the people who have collaborated in this bad decision.


Players who have purchased Kukoro can check if they are wolves or not. The rest of the players, will have to deduce it on their own by observing the deaths that occur around them.

This advantage is not decisive for winning but it can make the game a more enjoyable experience.

How to use the code:
When the streamer starts the game, a code will appear in the bottom left corner. Enter that code in your game, in the same place. This will open a browser window with your role at birth: Brown werewolf or villager.

Note that being converted with Compatible blood during the game will not change the notification.

You can also find out if you are a werewolf directly through this website created by @Antonioma_.


Both channel subscribers and players who have purchased the game can enjoy the Blood Match benefit.

This ability will only be activated with a 10% chance on players who have been killed by a direct werewolf attack (+5% Subs, +5% Kukoro). If the ability is activated, it will disappear from the game for a couple of nights, simulating a real death. When the character recovers after the attack, he will return to the square as if nothing had happened but this time turned into a gray wolf. If someone notices his absence and return, he could easily be accused of being a werewolf, as this event gives him away for sure.

Note that the system Kukoro uses to know if you are a wolf or not, only detects if you were born as a wolf. It will not tell you if you have been transformed during the game.


As extra bonus for people who have purchased the game, when the player is attacked by a werewolf or wild wolf, they will have a ~50% chance that another person will take their place as a victim. Thus boosting premium people to last longer alive in the game.


– Avoid sleeping in the forest, you will have a 33% chance of dying. It is safer to sleep with a werewolf if you are at least 4 people in your area.

– Avoid accusing people, or if you do, making a !forgive at the last minute will avoid increasing your guilt. This guilt may cause you to lose in terms of votes against other players.