Kukoro – Completed purchase

Kukoro: Stream chat games (Early access) has been successfully purchased. Please, make sure you have added a note with your email in the Paypal payment. HeyNau will contact you via this email within 24 hours.

You can already download the game at the following link:

Download [Kukoro: Stream chat games] here

Get the Mac version here



Remember your Paypal payment must include a note with the following information, necessary for the process:

– Your Twitch username to generate a key during the pre-launch period.

– Your Steam account ID to confirm your Steam purchase after the launching day.

– Your email adress will be used to receive support, the game key access and notifications about the Steam launching so you do not miss it.

– Let us know if someone has encouraged you to buy the game. If you have seen it to a streamer, a friend has recommended it to you or if simply you have found it in Google. We would like to know it so we can thank him properly.


If you forgot to include the note with your information, please, send it to us by email: