Kukoro – Extra commands

1. General commands

Kukoro: Stream chat games has some exclusive commands that can be useful depending on the occasion. Keep in mind that the game only detects commands on the playing-screen, so avoid typing them in the main menu or during the pause. Here is a list of those commands:

  • !emote: Write !emote + a Twitch emote you want to display. You can also display animated emotes.
  • !dance: Write !dance + the name of the dance you want to perform. If you want to stop dancing, you can move or just type !dance. You can see the names of all the dances you have available in the Dances tab in your in-game profile.
  • !dropegg: If you write this in the chat while moving with an egg, you will drop it next to you. It can be useful if you already have all the pets or want to give the egg to someone.

2. Commands specific to each game

You can learn more about the commands and mechanics of each game in the following links:

  • Rondo: [Website not yet available]
  • Sprint: [Website not yet available]
  • Blade: [Website not yet available]
  • Quarantine: Click here
  • Perfect warrior: Click here
  • Garden invasion: [Website not yet available]
  • Werewolf: Click here
  • Royal invitation: [Website not yet available]
  • Roleplay frontier: Click here
  • Stampede control: [Website not yet available]
  • Dungeon raid: Click here
  • Colorblind floor: [Website not yet available]
  • Cursed pattern: [Website not yet available]

3. Streaming controller

These commands can be used by either the streamer or the mods from the chat to have control over the game from a remote device. Ideal if you have left the game in AFK-mode and you are outdoors or your mods are keeping the stream alive while you are resting. Mod permissions cannot be revoked, as we understand that a moderator of your channel is trusted enough to moderate the game as well.

  • !changegame [Minigame ID]: Switch between different mini-games, here you have the IDs: Training, Rondo, Sprint, Blade, Quarantine, Warrior, Garden, Werewolf, Guests, Foreigners, Ritual, Sniper, Counter, Grail, Dungeon, Greenlight, Colorblind, Colorpattern…
  • !startgame: Allows to start a game as long as it has the minimum number of players required.
  • !clickreward and !closereward: You can redeem pending rewards such as skins and pets and close the reward display.
  • !musicvolume [0-10]: Modify the volume of the music.
  • !sfxvolume [0-10]: Modify the volume of the sound effects.

Support: kukoro@heynaugames.com