Kukoro news

D&R CHALLENGE! (Reward: Custom skin)

Get a custom unique skin for you and all your referrals.

You can get a unique skin for you and all your referrals if you are the first to complete this challenge. What do you need to do?

  • Be the first to reach 8th room in Dungeons & Rhythms, a short rhythmic android game developed by HeyNau in January 2020.

This game must be completed on stream and sent a link to kukoro@heynaugames.com as proof of achievement. You can also send it mentioning me in Twitter.com/HeyNau.

We will update this website with the winner, you have one week! (Ends at May 02)

Stampede control game is out!

A few days ago a new mini-game was published: Stampede control game. Today it is completely finished including new missions and hidden skins and pets.

You can also enjoy this minigame in Auto-play mode, where your audience will be able to play without you being there.

Creator’s code

Through the creator system, you can now highlight your favorite creator: the one you play with the most or the one who encouraged you to buy the game.

You can tell us about your referral pressing “Creator’s code” button in the Log in menu. Please, note that you will only be able to enter one name and this cannot be changed in the future.

In the near future, thanks to this system, I pretend to reward the most influential channels and their followers with unique skins so that they can take their community beyond the limits of their streams. (I will tell you more about this soon).

KukoroBot is now on Twitter

@KukoroBot Twitter’s account has been created. This is an automatic account that will notify by tweet every time a relevant streamer plays Kukoro.

Do not hesitate to follow it if you want to be attentive to defeat all her followers in their own home.

Auto-mode is now available

We already had some game modes like “The Perfect Warrior” and “Training Zone” to leave your stream afk while you had to go to the supermarket or take a nap.

But now we have taken it to another level named Auto-Play mode. If you enable this option, your viewers will be able to play Kukoro without you in the stream. They will be able to choose what to play themselves via chat and start the games at any time. You can check it out by checking the option at the bottom of the Games panel.

This mode is only available for those mini-games that do not directly require the streamer to play.

Welcome to Kukoro News!

With this paragraph we inaugurate the news website, where we will inform you about the most important aspects included in Kukoro so that you don’t miss them.

Rest assured, we will not fill this with unnecessary information such as bug fixes or minor features. Only the most important!