Kukoro: Twitch Interactive Chat Games

Are you a Twitch streamer? Have you ever wish to have games to play with Twitch chat together with your subscribers?

Let me show you  Kukoro: Stream Chat games, the best app for chat interactive mini games on streaming.


Twitch Chat Games


Play these mini games with your subscribers on real time during your stream!

The viewers can interact only using the Twitch chat commands.





Boost your Twitch channel audience


After some testing and some streamers reaching me after they played the game for a week, I’ve seen that Twitch includes the people who streams the game in “Recommended channels” meanwhile they are playing the game. I think it’s due to the high chat activity this game involves (Unlike Marbles on Stream, Stream racer, Stream raiders or other games where the only command is !play).

Personally I got from 0-10% of my audience (HeyNau) coming from Twitch recommendations to 20-30% after some days playing daily.

Check here to see the analytics we collected from other streamers that already played the game.





Games where Twitch chat can affect


The people on the chat can join the game. Your subscribers will be able to use the chat for moving their characters on real time.

Make them play and earn rewards, badges or benefits depending on their game level!






What if you are not a Streamer?

Kukoro is available to any player. Here’s some of the things non-streamers can do:


Earn exp by playing on other’s stream.

Unlock skins, dances, pets and emotes to use on anyone’s stream.

• Complete all the missions to unlock secret skins.

Highlight your name on other’s stream.

• Get sub benefits in this game on all streams.





Twitch Viewers

Twitch Subscribers

Kukoro players

Play through chat.

• Use a random skin from the default 9.

Play through chat.

• More visible white nametag.

Sub boost on all games.

• Use a random skin from all the already unlocked by the streamer.

Play and stream the game.


Spawn preference.

Sub boost on all games.

Highlight your name with your chat name color.

Win EXP playing on other's stream.

Unlock skins and use them whenever you want.

Complete missions to unlock exclusive skins.

• Unlock and walk your favourite pets.

Exclusive commands:
!dance (Unlock new dances)
!emote (React in real time)
!resetskin (Before spawning)



Why this price?

  • If you are a Streamer, we have proven that this game helps to increase your channel’s audience. With one or two subscriptions thanks to our game it will be self-payed.
  • If you play as a Viewer, this will allow you to play all the games with your favorite streamer, highlight your self, reserve a slot and a lot of exclusive features and subscriber permissions, paying less than a subscription.



Buy Kukoro now on Steam!





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