Special Mombas of Kukoro: Stream chat games and how to get them

Send your Twitch clip completing the challenges to kukoro@heynaugames.com. You will receive the skin in your Kukoro: Stream chat games account when I check the email (It may take a few days).

Mombas through Twitch.tv/HeyNau:

Momba: Find the key to unlock it.

Shield Momba: Redeem the 30.000 coin reward at HeyNau’s Twitch channel.

Black Momba: Unlock the 6 month suscription badge in HeyNau’s Twitch channel.

Momba through Patreon.com/HeyNau:

Ice Momba: Subscribe to the $3.35 or higher tier at HeyNau’s Patreon.

Mombas through free mobile games:

Fire Momba: Complete Mega Quiz Gaming.

Vortex Momba: Upgrade all the tools to the max in Tap Mining.

Bow Momba: Complete X-Ray Scan Game.

Shadow knight Momba: Reach room number 8 in Dungeons & Rhythms.

Mombas through free web games:

Rogue Momba: Unlock all the skins in Pandastick.

Divinity Momba: Complete Mega Quiz Pokemon.

Thief Momba : Reach 6.000 points in Puke-Aloha.

Momba forest warrior: Unlock all the levels in Mobrush.

Shaman Momba: Reach level 200 in Voodoo Ambush.

Ghost Momba: Reach 1.600 meters in Rich: A pearl’s throw.